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My name is Abdelilah, I was born in Morocco and I have lived and worked as a Lead Product Designer in Dubai for four years.

During my time in Dubai, I had the opportunity to work for the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), which is a governmental organisation that seeks to manage and empower talents, to develop and establish a knowledge-based economy according to the UAE Vision 2021. Alongside my design team, I have been successful at providing digital solutions for a multitude of businesses in the UAE to manage their work teams more efficiently.

My career highlights include redesigning MOHRE’s mobile app, which resulted in the Ministry being awarded 1st place for the "best m-Government Service Award", received by the World Government Summit.

I started my career as a qualified Graphic Designer and from there I specialized in Product Design. This allows me to excel and serve all my clients needs professionally. I apply a human-centered approach, visual craft, and Design Thinking. I thrive on solving problems related to the human experience, by creating purposeful products that contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world. Besides striving for a better world, I am also constantly trying to improve myself, by raising the bar higher with each and every challenge that comes my way.

UX and Product Design is constantly changing. Therefore, I never stop learning more about design, business, UX and how these disciplines merge together.

My Experience

I have worked with many early stage technology startups from seed to series A stage. In Morocco I worked for startups such as Linkry and Footigo. Internationally, I have collaborated with a startup in Amsterdam called Veylinx and one based in London, called Lazyapp. I enjoy working with startups, as innovative ideas can be explored and developed from scratch.

In the United Arab Emirates I have worked with big corporations to enhance the digital governmental services.

I am excited about the next chapter of my career and solving upcoming (design) problems that leave a positive impact on people's lives.

Licenses & Certifications

interaction design foundation
interaction design foundation
interaction design foundation
interaction design foundation

Selected Projects

Tools & Methods

Below a selection of projects that I have been involved in. Feel free to contact me for more details about a particular project.

It is important to gain insights through the use of research tools and to be equipped with the right design tools. Digital tools are a great extension of traditional tools. However, they do not replace them. The best ideas often start with the use of pen and paper.

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Paper and pen
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Market Research
Usability testing

I believe design and technology have the power to solve some of the world's biggest problems. However, as a Designer we often underestimate how big of an impact we can make by striving for a better experience through technology rather than just optimizing products and services for monetization and clicks. It is important to always assess the ethical significance of product features.


I enjoy reading a variety of books. Reading books from disciplines such as business, psychology, physics, history or philosophy sparks new ideas also for design projects. Reading helps me to become a better person. Below I share some of my favorites.

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